Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maine 6: The Quiet Side

On our last full day in Acadia, we headed to the quiet side of the island... out to Southwest Harbor and the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Southwest Harbor was a cute town with an art fair going on outside the town visitor center. The main street was full of shops and small restaurants. Off the main street, down a small winding road, past some beautiful old mansions that are bed and breakfasts, we pulled up to a dock near the US Coast Guard Station.
The docks and pier were open to the public. There were families fishing off the end of one of the piers. There were lobster boats docked and the dinghys that they used to go back and forth from shore. There were lobster traps stored on floats out on the water. Plastic bins floating alongside the dock filled with live lobster. A great place for photos... I wish I had better shots from that morning!
I imagine it is strange for lobster fisherman to have us running around taking pictures of their work. Imagine someone walking into your office and taking pictures of your desk, your phone, your stapler. Taking pictures of you typing or talking on the phone. I know that a part of me romanticizes lobster fishing, but I know it is hard labor. I know it requires risk and tenacity and faith in the sea. And that at times it doesn't pay an awful lot. I wonder why we are so prone to do that. To romanticize the ordinary in the life of those who are other, those who are different than us. The good part is that we do sometimes see the beauty in what has become ordinary to others. The bad part is that we pretend things are beautiful as a way to avoid the harsh realities of another person's life. After we left the lobstermen/women to themselves, we headed farther around the point. We were looking for tidepools, but the tide was not quite low enough and it was rainy and misty. The rocks were slippery. I suppose after such beautiful sights the last few days, were ready to pass a few by. We did, however, stop at Bass Harbor Lighthouse.
Just a word of advice, from the parking lot, as you face the water, don't take the main path to the right down to the light. Head left, on the path that heads into the woods and then sends you down a set of steps to the rocks below. I much better view!
We finished the day by heading into Bar Harbor... the hub of Acadia. Full of tourists shops. The streets are just so crowded! Cruise ships parked at the wharf. Restaurants. Some cute buildings, but so hard to appreciate after the majesty of the coast. We did hang out at a tiny coffee shop for an hour or so, just relaxing, writing, looking at photos. Then decided to pick up some dinner and take back to our room. We found a little pizza/pasta place just off the main drag that Cathy claims had the best blueberry? pie that she had ever tasted! To be honest, I am glad we didn't stay in Bar Harbor... I wish we had been in a bit more picturesque inn, but glad for the peace and quiet which went so well with our experience of Arcadia.

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